5 Things To Remember Before Speaking To An Insurance Adjuster If You Are In An Auto Accident

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and auto accidents, involving cars, motorcycles, semi-trucks, bicycles, boats, and more, are all too common. The first few moments after an accident can feel like they are happening so quickly, but It is important to remember these 5 things to ensure you can get the settlement you deserve.

1. Do not speak to insurance adjusters or give any statements (other than to the police) before consulting with your attorney

2. Do not sign any releases of information (medical or otherwise) or settle any claims without consulting with your attorney

3. Do not sign any liens for medical attention before being instructed to do so by your attorney

4. Preservation of evidence is of the utmost importance. Do whatever you can to preserve evidence and identify witnesses until you have retained an attorney

5. Take pictures of vehicle damage and personal injuries including wounds, bandages, bruises, casts, hospital room, and other evidence of your injury

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