Professional, Efficient & Accommodating
“I have worked with Michael over the years and found him to be professional, efficient and accommodating in explaining details, timelines and ensuring I fully understood the contracts we were working on. Thanks!”

–Feluka K., Google Review


Knowledgeable and Experienced
“Mr. Fenimore is a true professional and a great lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice.”

–Chris, Client Review


I Highly Recommend
“I hired Mr. Fenimore to represent me after I was involved in a car accident. Mr. Fenimore thoroughly explained the process in a way I could completely understand. He worked diligently on my claim, guided me through the process, kept me updated on my case, and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend Michael Fenimore!!”

–Jonah, Client Review


Made the Legal Process Easy
“Michael represented me in a motor vehicle accident. I was hospitalized and my vehicle was totaled. He made sure my expenses were completely covered and made the legal process as easy as I could’ve asked for. Highly recommend.”

–C. Grace., Google Review


Personal Attention with Outstanding Results
“Mr. Fenimore is a highly competent and skilled attorney who provides personal attention with outstanding results. I would recommend him to anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident or who has suffered a personal injury.”

–John L., Google Review


Handled My Case Masterfully
“Mr. Fenimore handled my case masterfully. He worked diligently and efficiently to ensure my family’s interests were protected and more importantly displayed genuine concern for our needs throughout the entire process. I give him my highest recommendation.”

–Conor, Avvo Review


Personable Attorney – Genuinely Cares

“Mr. Fenimore kept me informed and got me a result that far exceeded my expectations. Mr. Fenimore is a very personable attorney and he genuinely cares about his clients. I can’t begin to thank him enough for his time and attention to my case. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his team!”

–Jacky, Client Review


High Level of Legal and Professional Competence
“I have sought legal advice from Mr. Fenimore on a variety of legal issues for several years. He has always provided personal attention and handled my legal matters in a timely manner with outstanding results. I can attest to his high level of legal and professional competence. I give him my highest recommendation.”

–Anonymous, Avvo Review


You Want Mr. Fenimore in Your Corner

“If you want an attorney who will take the time to explain things and walk you through the process, and not to mention get you a fantastic result (more than I ever thought possible), then you want Mr. Fenimore in your corner! There is no other attorney I would recommend!”

–Diana D., Client Review


Grateful and Satisfied

“Mr. Fenimore was invaluable in helping me through a difficult car accident. Mr. Fenimore walked me through the process and made it easy. He answered my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!), and took the time to meet with me outside the office after normal business hours at my convenience, rather than making me come to him. All of this resulted in an excellent settlement that I was extremely pleased with. If you are looking for personal one-on-one service, and a great attorney, I would highly recommend Michael Fenimore.”

–Brooks, Client Review


Friendly, Accommodating and Knowledgeable Staff

“I found out how nerve-wracking and stressful a civil suit can be, especially for one with no experience in this area. I am so grateful that I chose Michael Fenimore to represent me in my case…you made me feel very welcome, and much more relaxed about the situation, especially with your friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable staff (your legal assistant Monica is excellent!). I put my trust in your hands and were happy that you settled my case with such great results. Thank You for putting me at ease from the beginning and keeping me informed and reassured through the entire process. I would definitely highly recommend Michael Fenimore to anyone seeking legal representation for Personal Injury. – A grateful and satisfied client.”

–Jason, Client Review


Exceeded My Highest Expectations

“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the worst possible time on New Year’s Eve when I was supposed to be ringing in the New Year. Instead, I was rear-ended by a negligent driver at a high rate of speed and ended up severely injured in the hospital and had to go through months of rehabilitation to recover from my injuries. Mr. Fenimore and his staff made sure I received the critical care I needed and transformed what was an otherwise traumatic event into something that I now look back on with gratitude and gratefulness. Mr. Fenimore and his staff provided me with the level of personal attention and dedication to my case that showed me they truly cared about my case and my personal well-being. Mr. Fenimore obtained a phenomenal result for me that exceeded my highest expectations. If you are in an auto accident and want someone with unparalleled experience and the type of personal attention to your case that will yield maximum results, this is your attorney. I give him my highest recommendation!”

–Z. Morgan, Client Review