Why You Should Not Feel Pressured to Accept Settlement Offers From Pushy Florida Insurance Adjusters

The law in Florida requires all motorists and drivers to maintain basic insurance coverage to legally drive a car. The primary purpose of the requirement is to make sure that, in the event of an accident resulting in severe bodily injuries or death, the driver has sufficient coverage to cover all the damages incurred by the victim involved in the crash.

However, insurance companies, just like the other businesses are after profit. For an insurance company to make a profit, it must collect more money in terms of monthly premiums compared to what they pay out when it comes to settling claims. Therefore, you need to remember the fact that all insurance adjusters are trained and expected to settle insurance claims for as little money as possible to help the insurance company realize a lot of profit.

In most cases, these adjusters take advantage of the less informed car accident victims who do not know what their insurance claim is worth. As such, accident victims are advised to avoid initiating any settlement negotiations without involving an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands how much you should be compensated depending on the nature and severity of the injuries sustained.

Set Clear Limits on All Conversations

From your first phone contact with the insurance adjuster, be clear that you are not going to discuss much since you already have a personal injury lawyer who will negotiate on your behalf. You should also let the insurance adjuster know that you will not be willing to engage in any further conversations until the accident investigation report is out and until the time you complete your medical treatment and recover fully from the injuries that you sustained.

Don’t engage in any conversation with the adjuster relating to how the accident occurred, the kind of injuries that you sustained or how much you think the insurance company should pay you. Set boundaries in your first conversation with the insurance adjuster and request that any communication between you and him/her should be in writing.

Watch Out for Negative Comments and Avoid Settlement Traps

As mentioned earlier, the primary objective of the adjuster is to ensure that the insurance company pays you the least amount of money possible. Sometimes, the adjuster may start saying that they feel you are partly to blame for the accident or they have problems with the medical treatment you are going through. All these are tricks meant to reduce your expectations and don’t fall for them.

In most cases, the adjuster may start to pressure you into accepting the company’s offer even before a precise diagnosis has been made of the injuries sustained. Most victims fall to this tactic but the consequences are always severe since the risk of serious injuries will now shift from the insurance provider to the victim. You should also avoid quick settlements and estimated future settlements. It is always a bad idea to accept the compensation even before you know the extent of your injuries.

Do You Feel You Are Being Pressured to Accept a Settlement?

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