The Secrets of Negotiation for Personal Injury Victims

Personal injuries are stressful events that sideline us from our busy lives. Accident victims who suffer medical injuries can often take months or even years to fully recover. Getting the maximum compensation from your insurance company is very important if you’ve suffered a personal injury in one of the following situations:

Here are a few secrets to successful negotiating if you’re a victim of personal injury.

Make Your Claim But Don’t Negotiate Yet

Your first step after a personal injury should be opening a claim with your insurance company. Do this immediately after any accident that caused a personal injury.

When you open a claim early, you provide the insurance company with notice that you’ll be claiming benefits of your policy. Insurance companies will often then try to settle a personal injury claim right away in order to limit the amount of money you will seek or receive.

It’s important, though, to delay negotiating a settlement, especially if you’re still receiving medical treatment. A quick settlement will save your insurance company money in the long run, and you will likely short-change yourself if you accept an offer before your treatment is complete.

Don’t “Accept Liability”

Another way that insurance companies respond to personal injury claims is by communicating to you that you have “accepted liability” for your personal injury or accident. This is a strategy insurance companies use to lower your expectations for a reasonable settlement.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

After hearing from their insurance company that they have “accepted liability,” many personal injury victims do not even seek an experienced personal injury lawyer or follow through on investigations that usually result in a much higher settlement or claim payout.

Always remember that you have been a victim of an accident and you have rights. Working with an expert personal injury attorney such as Michael E Fenimore, P.A., an industry leader in his field, will ensure that you receive just compensation.

Personal injury firms like Fenimore Injury Law help individuals dealing with a variety of difficult personal injury circumstances, from vehicle accidents, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice to slip and fall injuries, wrongful death and more.

You can leave the hard work to your lawyer and recover from your injury with peace of mind when you hire a qualified attorney to represent you. Your attorney will take care of investigating your claim and negotiating with the insurance company, and he or she will represent you in court if you pursue a trial.

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