Accidents Involving an Uber or Lyft Driver in Florida. Who’s responsible?

Rideshare apps have significantly grown in popularity over the recent years, and Florida isn’t an exception. It has become the easiest way for both locals and tourists to get around the state. Most people prefer these ridesharing companies because they offer lower fares compared to the traditional cabs. Since these drivers earn depending on the number of trips they make and the total mileage covered, they tend to drive faster to maximize their pay. This risks the safety of their passengers. Unlike the traditional means of transport like cabs and public transportation where the carrier was responsible for any liability claims, Uber/Lyft drivers are independent contractors, thus determining liability after an accident involving them can a bit challenging. You need an expert accident attorney to help you get proper compensation.

How to Determine Who is Responsible

Here’s how to determine who’s responsible for an accident involving Uber/Lyft driver in Florida. First, since Uber/Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, if they get into an accident when they are logged out of the app, the Uber/Lyft isn’t held responsible. In such cases, drivers should have a personal policy to cover any liability claims against them.

Secondly, if a driver gets in an accident after they are logged into the app but hasn’t picked up a ride yet, then this becomes a gray area. It’s unclear whether the driver or the Uber/Lyft bears the responsibility. The driver’s personal insurance may pay part of the claim while the Uber/Lyft’s insurance providers may negotiate paying for the rest of the damages.

Lastly, if a driver gets in an accident when he/she is logged into the app while driving a client to their destination, the Uber/Lyft can be held responsible. At times, rideshare companies may argue on the basis of an independent contractor to avoid compensation charges. You can still get compensation through the insurance coverage they give to their drivers when they are logged in.

Keeping in mind that rideshare drivers are independent contractors, rideshare companies are often shielded from most liability claims. If you are involved in an accident caused by their drivers, their insurance providers may reject your claim. In such instances, it’s upon the victim to prove that the rideshare company were aware of the actions that led to that accident, for example, if the company was aware that the driver was intoxicated, if the victim can provide complains from previous riders by contacting them, or if you can check the driver’s reviews for any claims made against them.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident involving an Uber/Lyft or simply any rideshare company, you have a right to monetary compensation from one or even more sources. Accidents can be very traumatizing and it is of your best interest to find an attorney to help you with all the legal proceedings. 

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