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Dog Bite Lawyers PensacolaThe Pensacola Florida is one of the nation’s most dog-friendly areas, boasting a number of dog- friendly beaches and venues. Unfortunately, unleashed or loose dogs have the potential to bite passers-by who attempt to approach, often causing severe injury and expensive medical bills. If you or a loved one suffered an injurious dog bite in the Pensacola area, contact Fenimore Injury Law to discuss your possible compensation.

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  • Michael E. Fenimore is an experienced insurance company defense lawyer who now sees personal injury law as his passion. As such, he knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry and how insurance companies act while assessing personal injury claims.
  • Our firm has helped Pensacola area residents relieve the burdens dog bite injuries can cause since 2011, obtaining millions in compensation for our clients.
  • Mr. Fenimore is a longtime Pensacola resident with numerous connections to the Pensacola legal community, resulting in an excellent working relationship with multiple local judges and legal experts.

Why You Should Discuss Your Dog Bite With An Attorney

A Pensacola dog bite incident usually involves one individual – the dog’s owner – as a defendant. In many cases, dog bite defendants choose to file the incident under a homeowner’s insurance policy, resulting in the injured party negotiating with the insurance companies to recover compensation. The insurance process can be overwhelming, especially while you suffer the results of your injuries. An attorney familiar with dog bite laws in Florida has the knowledge necessary to obtain compensation for your dog bite injuries. When an attorney handles your case, you can rest assured all the proper documentation and paperwork reaches the courts, relieving you of the stress of filing alone. Your attorney will investigate the circumstances of your accident (which can also relate to a slip and fall) determine fault, and argue your case with the insurance companies while you recover from your injuries.

Florida Statutes of Limitations

Under Florida law, any person suffering a dog bite may only file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages for dog bite injuries within the statute of limitations. This deadline for filing a lawsuit dictates the amount of time you have to file suit. The courts will often throw out court proceedings filed after the statute of limitations expires, so it is essential to file as soon as possible. In order to pursue compensation for your dog bite injuries, you must file a lawsuit in Florida’s civil court system within four years of the date of injury.

Is Someone Liable For Your Damages?

Florida’s dog bite statutes maintain that dog owners are liable for damages caused by dog bite injuries if:

  • Their dog bites another person, and
  • The bitten person is in a public place or lawfully within a private place

Thus, if you are in public or at the owner’s private residence lawfully, and receive a dog bite, the owner accepts liability for your injuries. Florida is also a strict liability state, which means that you do not need to prove any negligence on the part of the dog owner resulted in your bites. Florida dog owners remain liable for all dog bites, even if the dog never indicated any tendency to bite.

Your Pensacola dog bite lawyer will investigate the incident in order to determine ownership of the dog. In addition, your medical documentation will inform your attorney and the courts regarding the severity of the bite and the potential damages assessed, including medical bills, emotional distress, and any missed wages.

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Our Pensacola Dog Bite Lawyer remains dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for Pensacola dog bite victims. Michael Fenimore’s previous experience as an insurance defense lawyer gives him an excellent insight into the behaviors of the insurance companies, especially as it relates to personal injury. If you or a loved one recently experienced a dog bite in Pensacola, contact us today to discuss possible compensation.