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We are aggressively devoted to handling car accident cases. Our clients are our top priority when dealing with an auto accident. The need for excellent legal representation is mandatory and the attorneys at Michael E. Fenimore care about the well-being of every person and their situation.

Our firm understands that suffering a personal injury can adversely affect an individual’s quality of life and their entire future.

The legal complications which accompany these matters frequently cause additional stress and anxiety on accident victims. As your legal representative, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf and will make your experience with the legal process professionally streamlined and free from unnecessary and unwanted stress.

During these difficult times, you need legal counsel and representation you can depend on. Time is of the essence.

Sustaining a personal injury can be traumatic especially when it happened because someone did what they were not supposed to do, or where negligent in what they were supposed to do. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can affect you and your loved ones. Therefore, it is within your rights to demand compensation from the at-fault party for such injuries. In doing this, however, you are better served getting the services of a competent Perdido personal injury lawyer.

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Michael E. Fenimore

Since 2011, Mr. Fenimore has used his superior experience in the insurance defense industry to exclusively represent individuals who have been injured in automobile accidents, slip and falls, product defect cases, and other cases involving serious accidents and injuries.

"Getting our clients the full compensation for their injuries is my top priority."

After founding his own law firm in 2011, Michael quickly developed a reputation as one of the most aggressive and successful personal injury attorneys in Northwest Florida.

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Getting our clients the full compensation for their injuries is our top priority.
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Perdido Personal Injury Attorneys

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Trust An Attorney With Superior Experience

Your personal injury lawyer will make sure that you are aware of the potential challenges posed by your case and will help you make educated decisions about how to proceed with your lawsuit. He or she will also ensure that you get the compensation that is legally due to you. This also includes protecting you from insurance companies, who would seek to give you the lowest compensation they can get away with.

This is not to say that insurance loss adjusters are bad people. Rather, they are trained to minimize the insurance company's exposure to damages as much as possible. To this end, they would prefer that they reach a quick settlement with you. They prefer to do this before you realize the full extent of your injuries and its attendant costs. This is why you should get a Perdido personal injury lawyer immediately you sustain an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.

What do you need to know about personal injury cases?

Most personal injury cases result from negligence. However, no two personal injury cases are completely alike. That being said, there are elements of negligence that need to be proven before a personal injury case arising from negligence can be established.

  • The plaintiff was owed a duty of care: In most negligence cases, the plaintiff is usually a stranger to the defendant. Therefore, it must be clear that the defendant was negligent in a situation where a reasonable person of ordinary prudence would have acted differently.
  • The defendant breached the duty of care: This varies from case to case, depending on the specifics of each case. In a slip and fall personal injury case, for example, the owner of the property where the slip and fall happened must have been negligent in making sure that his or her property was safe to occupy. This could be because of exposed wires which the person should have taken care of. If a person sustains injuries from those exposed wires, that property owner has breached the duty of care and is liable for a personal injury suit.
  • As you can see, there are many difficulties that may be encountered when making a claim in a personal injury case. These difficulties can be easily navigated with the help of a competent Perdido personal injury lawyer. Contact Michael E. Fenimore P.A. today for a free no-obligation consultation to know what your options are.

Let Our Attorneys Help You

If the defendant’s breach of duty caused an injury, a few things may change. As with the example of the exposed wires, the plaintiff has to prove that it was the defendant’s negligence that caused his or her injuries. This is very important as the defendant’s lawyer can argue that the plaintiff’s injury did not come from the defendant’s negligence, unless there is proof. The defendant’s lawyer could acknowledge that his or her client was negligent, but say that the negligence did not result in the plaintiff’s injury.

Knowledge Is Everything

Michael Fenimore is one such lawyer. Having worked with the other side as an insurance company defense lawyer, he knows how they think and act when evaluating injury claims. He brings this considerable inside knowledge to bear when he handles your case.

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